Shared Decision Making

Save time while increasing patient satisfaction and confidence with Orca's Point-of-Care tools.

Transform the way you interact with and educate your patients at the point-of-care. Orca’s Point-of-Care tools help you save time while increasing patient satisfaction and confidence. Manipulate 3-D imagery of anatomy and diagnosis for clarity in education. Display animated videos of procedures to enhance understanding of conditions and procedures. Attach patient imagery, custom handouts, pre-op/post-op instructions, and/or prescribed rehab exercises.

3D Anatomy

Each anatomical region can be manipulated by rotating, zooming, and sorting through layers such as bone, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and vessels for any view required. Anatomy can be selected and highlighted revealing labels for the specific structures, all while being annotated by the physician.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Clearly explain complicated terminology and care options to aid your patients in health decisions. Animated videos of diagnoses and procedures eliminate fear and confusion while increasing customer retention.

Individual Care

Create automated Care Plans and recovery steps dynamically per patient. Add custom annotated content, attach patient x-rays and imagery, include proprietary handouts, pre/post-op instructions, and prescribed high-quality physical therapy videos to standard content for a custom experience unique as every patient you see.