Patient Education

An award winning experience: immersive 3D content in an intuitive app.

The Orca Health app is a powerful patient education tool. It features a growing library of animated 3D videos and images depicting common medical conditions and treatments, including related physical therapy videos. It also features fully interactive 3D anatomical models and augmented reality simulations. This world-class content helps providers to simplify complex medical concepts, improving the knowledge, comprehension, and retention of patients.

3D Content Built for Patient Education

The Orca Health app is a powerful educational tool. Simplify complex medical conditions and treatments. View world-class 3D animations right within the app. Common diagnoses and treatments are featured to improve knowledge, comprehension, and retention.

Full 3D Videos and Imagery

View 3D anatomical models of ten areas of the human body. Areas include the spine, shoulder, hip, knee, hand, foot, heart, ENT, eye, and mouth. Subscribe to one region or all regions, right within the Orca Health app.

Revolutionary Augmented Reality

The Orca Health app features a groundbreaking Augmented Reality experience with fully interactive 3D anatomical models that can be manipulated with the touch of a finger. Using an iPhone or iPad, you now have the ability to view the anatomy of the body in real space. You can walk around the body and view the anatomy from different angles as if it were right in front of you.