Patient Acquisition

Capture attention, build your brand, and automate new patient acquisition.

Capture attention and provide the information patients are seeking visual and informative profiles. Highlight your top procedures with Orca’s best-in-class videos and animations alongside a clear display of patient scores and reviews.

Customizable Information

Claim your profile to showcase the information important to you and prospective patients. Clarify locations, contact info, specialties, certifications, and treatments to enable patients to better find you. List insurance plans to reduce friction and save time and money.

Better Search Capabilities

Give patients the ability to search you by location, provided treatments, and insurance plans. Move beyond the traditional search algorithms of name and specialty. Regardless of a patient’s search criteria, they will be able to choose your practice with confidence.

Verified Patient Reviews

Let the quality of your patient outcomes, understanding, and satisfaction be the factors that grow your practice. Profiles show reviews from verified patients only and highlight outcome measurements from satisfied and engaged patients. Automatic patient enrollment in feedback dramatically increases the number of reviews submitted, ensuring that your reviews are reflective of provided care and aren’t limited to outliers.