Care Pathways (Post-Visit)

Send an interactive, step-by-step guide with integrated feedback to increase patient engagement and compliance.

Guide your patients through treatment, recovery, and beyond: Care Pathways provide a way for you to digitally guide and engage your patients in an interactive, easy-to-use format. 

Automated and customizable, Care Pathways enhance quality of care while improving practice efficiency. 

Pre-Treatment Care Pathways

Send all of the information your patients need regarding their conditions, treatments, and care

Deliver World-Class Patient Education

Quality patient education affects engagement and outcomes.  Sending animations of conditions and procedures clearly communicates complex information, contextualizes recovery, and enhances patient understanding. It also increases retention of information shared at the point of care (40-80% of which is typically forgotten by the time a patient returns home). 

Provide Pre-Op Instructions and Virtual Pre-Op Classes

Access to virtual pre-op classes, prehab videos, and pre-op instructions brings clarity to the care journey, increases patient retention, and instills confidence in care decisions. 

Ensure Easy Access and Secure Sending

Whether automated through your EHR/EMR system or sent manually, personalized Care Pathways are available to patients any way they access the internet (via HIPAA-compliant SMS or Email). Your patients can access this information anywhere, at any time, and share it with concerned family and friends.

Post-Treatment Care Pathways

Set your patients up for the best possible health outcomes

Provide Clear Post-Procedure Instructions

Increase patient engagement and compliance with an interactive step-by-step process. Customized instructions can be sent to patients within Care Pathways any way they access the internet (via HIPAA-compliant SMS or email). 

Improve Outcomes with Physical Therapy at Home

Send your patients home with pre-made home rehab and exercise programs. Patients complete gamified exercises to maintain streaks and reach their recovery goals. High-quality exercise videos are included to ensure proper form. 

Integrate PROMs and Patient Satisfaction Surveys

The Care Pathway survey experience is a proven game-changer: the average Orca Provider sees a 51% survey completion rate. Thanks to a robust reminder system, patients will never miss a survey again. Recovery progress is tracked visually through graphs and diagrams so providers can easily view health outcomes.