Care Pathways (Pre-Visit)

Enhance communication while improving practice efficiency.

Initiate a quality patient experience: Care Pathways provide a way for you to digitally guide and engage your patients in an interactive, easy-to-use format. 

Automate the Intake Process

Digitize the patient intake process -- no clipboards required. From patient data and insurance information to health histories and current pain scales, easy-to-use intake solutions automatically integrate with your EHR system.

Send Pre-Visit Directionality and Instructions

Set a standard of clarity and responsiveness before your patients even enter your clinic. Send welcome videos, location information, and pre-visit instructions to help reduce anxiety and build confidence in the care they will receive from you and your practice. 

Update COVID-19 Precautions and Instructions

Let patients know how you are keeping them safe and what you expect from them during times that warrant stricter health protocols. 

Automate Enrollment in PROMs and Reputation Enhancement

Set baselines for outcomes and increase response rates by enrolling patients at the time they are most invested in their care. 

Engage Patients with Pre-Visit Education and Marketing

Send customized information on common conditions and available treatments to engage and begin educating your patients. Boost health literacy and increase awareness of treatment options before your patients even enter your clinic. 

Ensure Easy and Secure Sending

Whether automated through your EHR/EMR system or sent manually, personalized Care Plans are available to patients any way they access the internet (via HIPAA-compliant SMS or Email).