Orca's Patient Experience Platform 

Orca’s Patient Experience Platform enhances patient engagement, education, satisfaction, and adherence to improve medical outcomes.

Orca Cloud

Proprietary HIPAA Compliant Back-End Infrastructure & Content Management System (CMS); contains pictures, videos, PDFs, medical imagery, treatment plans, patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) and patient satisfaction surveys.

Providers can upload and manage their own content (handouts, custom media, videos, images) presented during the consult with their patients.

Hospitals and health systems can use Orca’s CMS to deliver their custom content to specific cohorts of providers and patients.

Delivers content to Orca Care, Orca Care Plan, and Orca Dashboard.

Orca Care

A provider point-of-care app that utilizes interactive medical content to educate patients on their diagnosis and treatment options.

Delivers proprietary 3D content and multisensory tools to support the provider.

Presents health information to capture attention, educate, and directly engage with patients.

After presenting and reviewing the Orca Care information, the provider sends a digital Orca Care Plan to the patient.

Orca Care Plan

A post point-of-care app for patients that extends the in-office interaction by allowing information to be accessible at any time and on any device.

Care Plan consists of descriptions, pictures, videos, MRIs, medical imagery, and interactive 3D models that relate to the patient’s diagnosis and treatment options.

Improves a patient understanding of their diagnosis and treatment options.

Empowers patients to become active participants in their treatment plan.

Orca Dashboard

A secure, web-based application providing real-time analytics, reporting, and patient insights.

Supports the ability to initiate the sending and delivery of Care Plans, Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs), and Patient Satisfaction Surveys.

  • - View Care Plans Sent
  • - View Care Plans Opened
  • - View Net Promoter Score
  • - View Patient Reported Outcomes
  • - View Aggregate Patient Satisfaction Data
  • - View Patient Engagement Analytics

Reports can be generated per patient or across segments within a health system.

Platform Benefits
  • - Extends Point-of-Care Education
  • - Strengthens Patient Engagement
  • - Patients can Access Care Plans anytime
  • - Improves Patient Satisfaction
  • - Promotes Evidence-Based Medicine
  • - Increases Clinical Efficiency
  • - Provides Engagement Analytics
  • - Facilitates better Outcomes
  • - Lowers Operational Costs
  • - Improves Health Outcomes
  • - Promotes Evidence-Based Medicine
  • - Provides Actionable Intelligence
  • - Delivers Documentation to Patients
  • - Provides Fee-for-Value Documentation
  • - Integrates with EHR Systems
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