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Benefits of a Partnership With Orca

We are creating the future of the patient experience. Our technology empowers patients while automating their provider’s practice, boosting their online reputation and increasing profitability. Participate in the cutting edge of healthcare technology with a straightforward commission structure and support along the way.

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Partnership Options

Channel Partner

As an organization, take advantage of an exciting opportunity to make industry-leading commissions selling world-class patient experience software. We will provide the necessary tools and support to achieve massive success as an Orca Health channel partner.

Affiliate Program

As an individual, get rewarded for qualified referrals to the Orca Health patient experience platform. With a simple and quick referral process, we make it easy to direct us to providers in your network who would benefit from our products.


Who is eligible to become an Orca Health Affiliate?

Any healthcare employee above the age of 18 is eligible to become an Orca Health Affiliate.

Who is eligible to become an Orca Channel Partner?

Organizations currently working in the healthcare industry and offering products/services that are aligned with Orca Health are eligible for the Orca Channel Partner program.

What is classified as a valid referral?

A valid referral is characterized as an actual decision maker affiliated with a healthcare practice or hospital and has verified contact information, and has been determined by Orca Health to have an interest in purchasing our patient experience and/or reputation enhancement software.

How many referrals can I send to Orca Health?

Upon completing the sign-up process for the Orca Health Affiliate or Channel Partner program, you can send as many valid referrals as you’d like. Currently there is not a limit to the number of referrals you can submit.

How can I check the status of a referral?

We do not provide real-time status updates of each referral. You will receive an email update if one of your referrals becomes an Orca Health customer.

What if my referral is already in contact with the Orca Health sales team or has been in contact with Orca Health in the past?

Qualifying referrals must be an introduction to an account that is not actively engaged with the Orca Health sales team within the last year.

Do I need to know the person I am referring to Orca Health?

While it’s not required, we strongly recommend you only provide referrals for healthcare professionals whom you know. As standard practice, you may also want to obtain permission from referrals to submit their contact information.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions, fill out the contact form and our team can answer any questions and help explain the benefits of the Orca Affiliate and Channel Partner programs.

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