Waiting Room App

Transform your wait setting from one of anxiety and impatience to engagement and education.

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Automated Intake Process

Gain clarity and efficiency in the patient intake process.

Take administrative efficiency to a new level. From patient data and insurance information to health histories and current pain scales, easy-to-use intake solutions are customized to your individual practice and automatically integrate with your EHR system.

Patient Education

Pre-educate patients before the clinical consultation.

Initiate a quality patient experience before you even step in the room with directed, multi-sensory education. Providing patients with interactive 3D anatomy, conditions, and procedures lays the foundation to help make health decisions together.

Automated Reputation Enhancement Enrollment

Let your intake process take care of your follow-up too.

Use the momentum of satisfied and engaged patients to enhance your online reputation with directed feedback opportunities automated from the waiting room.

Interactive Content

Provide visually stunning, high-quality content to make every interaction more meaningful.

All of our proprietary content is developed in-house and is directed and approved by board-certified physicians. Clear, accurate, and interactive, our extensive library can be customized to your individual practice, providing the information you want your patients to access.

Automated Outcome Measurements Enrollment

Remove barriers for feedback by enrolling patients as they wait.

Gain access to meaningful patient data and dramatically increase your PROMS capture rate as the enrollment process is incorporated into the patient intake.

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