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The Point of Care Reimagined

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Intuitive Patient Education Tool with World-class 3D Anatomy

Seamless Workflow

We do the heavy lifting by automatically creating your most used care plans. This allows efficiency at the point-of-care and an engaging experience for the patient in just a few taps.

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World Class Content

With a diverse collection of 3D models, imagery and videos, hundreds of Home Exercise Programs and stretches, as well as research-backed risk and benefit data, Orca Care is the only education tool you need.

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Powerful Analytics

Get powerful insights into your patient population. We gather analytics at every point in the patient engagement process and measure satisfaction with care, compliancy rates, patient reported outcomes, care plan understanding, and much more.

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Cross Platform For Your Team

Sync information across all team members. Allow your team to send Care Plans, Checkups, and Reputation Enhancement, all from the web on the same account. Dig into analytics, checkup responses, as well as manage practice-specific content to create a personalized patient experience.

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What hurts? We can help.

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