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Automate Everything with Powerful Integrations

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Integrate with your EHR/EMR

Enhance your clinical flow with a modernized approach to the patient experience

From the patient intake process and point-of-care interactions to data collection and analytics, Orca Health easily integrates with your EHR system to enhance every step of the care journey.

Orca + Redox

Orca Health’s partnership with Redox ensures best-in-class integration experience and security for every provider and organization with their full-service EHR integration platform.

Save time and increase efficiency

Integration accelerates the transfer of care plans, outcomes collection, and data analytics to improve patient engagement and outcomes while minimizing time spent logging interactions.

Security and privacy for patient data through every step of integration

Alongside Orca Health’s HIPAA-compliant standards, Redox provides industry, HIPAA-compliant, and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommended encryption standards.

Elevate the quality of care you provide with better data

Gain access to more comprehensive patient information and provide more personalized and effective care.

Orca Health integrates with over 60 different EMRs

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