Paul Chin
MD or DO - Surgical Orthopedics
Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

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Noe Carbajal | Feb 23, 2019 |

Dr. Chin listen to my symptoms and quickly analyzed my condition. He used technology to explain the problem and showed me videos of the root cause which further helped me understand my problem. Dr. Chin immediately provided treatment that help with the sharp pain, recommended a physical therapy assessment, additional tests, and a follow up. I am confident Dr. Chin's will heal me.

Mike Kaltenbach | Feb 19, 2019 |

Dr Chin did an excellent job on my shoulder and gave me details about whet he was going to do. Great office people all very helpful.

Yolanda Fuentes | Feb 16, 2019 |

Dr. Paul Chin is caring and kind and takes the time to explain any health issue that you may be concerned about. I just viewed a video he sent me that made things very clear. Thanks Dr. Chin!

Fernando Alvarez | Feb 4, 2019 |

In just one intial visit Doctor Chin was able to explain the cause and treament of my problem so I was impressed when he mentioned that treatment was to start next day with an injection and x-ray to further asses my situation.

Rochelle Cheek | Feb 2, 2019 |

Dr. Chin is a great Doctor and really appreciate his help with my problems when they arise.

Common Procedures Performed

Rotator Cuff Repair


Cam Impingement Repair

Meniscal Repair