Paul Chin
MD or DO - Surgical Orthopedics
Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

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Fernando Alvarez | Feb 4, 2019 |

In just one intial visit Doctor Chin was able to explain the cause and treament of my problem so I was impressed when he mentioned that treatment was to start next day with an injection and x-ray to further asses my situation.

Rochelle Cheek | Feb 2, 2019 |

Dr. Chin is a great Doctor and really appreciate his help with my problems when they arise.

Tim Sweeney | Jan 24, 2019 |

The visit was a very pleasant doctors office visit and diagnosis. The staff was very prepared and there wasn't much wait time at all. Dr. Chin explained everything very thoroughly and gave me a plan to help build up my mussels around my rotator cup. I will recommend Dr. Chin to anyone I know that needs his expertise. Great Doctor!

William Doheny | Dec 27, 2018 |

Don't waste your time and pain going somewhere else. Dr Paul Chin and his people are simply the best. Giving his patients the power through technology to understand their physical traumas is empo wering. Including the patient in their healing process from diagnoses to treatment is Very Smart medicine. Thanks again. William

Steven Stapleton | Dec 15, 2018 |

I have a problem with the in-house pharmacy taking so long to deliver my medications. I was 24 hours before I received tham whereas yu could have called in to my pharmacy and I could have picked up on the way home and taken that night. Instead I had a terrible night of sleep and my pain got worse. I was not given the opportunity to choose my pharmacist nor the info that I would not receive it for over a day. Otherwise all else was a good experience

Common Procedures Performed

Rotator Cuff Repair


Cam Impingement Repair

Meniscal Repair