Orca Health Distributors

Learn what combining products and software can do for your business

Gain access to Orca Health’s unique combination of evidence-based biologic products, bundled with advanced patient experience software and healthcare analytics tools. 

Orca Health partners with distributors to grow and diversify their businesses with our unique value proposition that serves as a:

Confidence in Product Quality and Safety

Orca Health is committed to meeting exceedingly high standards for the regenerative products provided by distributors with regards to product procurement, regulatory compliance, safety, and communication. 

Advanced Healthcare Analytic Tools

Enable data collection and analytics ability for your customers in an industry where actionable feedback is critical. Seamless implementation, automated processes, and ease of use make these tools invaluable to providers without adding clinical burdens. 

Patient Experience Software

Provide a proprietary software platform with the ability to elevate the patient experience along the entire continuum of care. You will equip your customers with tools designed to enhance patient-provider communication, provide clarity in education, and facilitate shared decision making. Better engagement, education, and experience directly impact patient retention, helping you and your customers grow your respective businesses.