The Future of Directional Orthopedics™

Author: Orca Health

July 16, 2020

Historically, orthopedics has been a binary proposition where patients are either candidates for surgery or bustled out of the office. In fact, for many practices, non-surgical patients are of little to no value to musculoskeletal (MSK) surgeons and often actually cost doctors money. 

But patients who don’t meet the surgical threshold are still in pain and looking for answers for health and healing. Presented with the limited options of surgery or wait for surgery, these patients may ultimately end up out-of-network, seeking second opinions, or receiving inferior treatment.

Fortunately, scientific progress in regenerative medicine is expanding orthopedic treatment options for patients and creating a future of Directional Orthopedics™. 

 Evidence-based treatment options and therapies, intended for homologous use, use biologics to supplement the recipient’s tissue and assist in the body’s natural regenerative functions. As clinical research and positive outcomes supporting these treatments continue to grow worldwide, patient demand grows along with it.

Orthopedic clinics need a turn-key, evidence-based biologics offering so that they don’t lose these patients to suboptimal care experiences that have developed solely to meet this market demand. This will help their patients make an educated, directional choice for their care from among many options while ensuring they are guided by a competent provider.

Regenerative Medicine Landscape

Kelly Scientific's analysis shows that the global biologics market was worth $18.9 billion in 2016 and will grow to over $53.7 billion by 2021, with a CAGR of 23.3% between this time frame. These are consumer growth numbers in healthcare.

Furthermore, many credible medical institutions have begun Regenerative Medicine programs bringing surgeons, physicians, and scientists together to study and advance biologic therapies. These include the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, and Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), as well as prestigious medical schools such as Harvard Medical School, Stanford Medical School, Northwestern School of Medicine, NYU Langone, and University of Utah Medical School.

The field of regenerative medicine is rapidly growing and offers a transformative change in treating disease and injury. Shifting to Directional Orthopedics™ can lead to better health outcomes and improved quality of life for patients worldwide. 

Orca’s Value Proposition

Our goal as a company is to provide the highest quality in both products and software. We work with qualified physicians to help bring ethical, evidence-based regenerative medicine into clinical practice and facilitate Directional Orthopedics™. 

Orca provides a comprehensive menu of biologic products while maintaining an uncompromising quality and safety standard. Our software solutions are designed to facilitate transparency in communication, education, and outcomes.

With practicing physicians at the heart of our team, we are acutely aware of the real challenges and potential presented by today's healthcare landscape. Combining their expertise with software engineers and medical distributors promises innovation and utility for healthcare providers and consumers.  

See the difference with Orca along the entire continuum-of-care: