Patient-Provider Engagement
  • - Branded Patient Experience
  • - Enhance Patient Education
  • - Extend Point-of-Care Interactions
  • - Improve Quality of Care
  • - Increase Operational Efficiency
  • - Attain Actionable Clinical Insights
The Orca Platform
Orca Cloud

Proprietary, HIPAA-Compliant Back-End Infrastructure & Content Management System (CMS); contains pictures, videos, PDFs, medical imagery, treatment plans, patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) and patient satisfaction surveys.

Orca Care

Orca Care is a point-of-care application for providers utilizing proprietary interactive 3D content and multi-sensory tools to support patient education focused on diagnosis and treatment.

Orca Care Plan

Orca Care Plan is a post point-of-care native and web app for patients that extends the in-office interaction by providing relevant information, accessible at any time, on any device, and enables patients to become active participants in their treatment plan.

Orca Dashboard

Orca Dashboard is a web application for viewing analytics and reporting, as it relates to platform engagement. It provides the ability to onboard new patients, and send/deliver treatment plans, patient reported outcome measures (PROMs), and Satisfaction Surveys.

What Sets Us Apart?
500payingcustomers Bonding experience between Physician and Patient
Morepatientsperday See 4 to 6 more patients per day
Increasepatientretention Increase patient or surgical retention by over 15%
Improvepatientsat Improve patient satisfaction by 10-25%
Reducepatientcalls Reduce patient calls to the office by 50%
Medicalappoftheyear Apple's Medical App of the Year
Applefeature 4 features in Apple's Healthcare Section
Educationtimereduced Educating patient time reduced by 30-50%
Customrehabvideos 300+ custom rehab videos
Clinical, Operational, and Financial Results
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patients effectively.
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