Revitalize patient interaction.

Modern tools for better patient engagement. Deeper insight, improved outcomes.
  1. Inform your patients

    Multi-sensory learning tools to better engage your patients with information about their health.

  2. Measure patient satisfaction

    A simple method for collecting feedback—seamlessly integrated.

  3. Improve patient engagement

    Optimize clinic flow by empowering patients to increase treatment adherence and improve outcomes.

Visualize anatomy and pathology

We’ve created an unparalleled library of medical media, centered around 3D technology. Patients who interact with medical information via multiple sensory inputs feel more satisfied with the course of action they choose and the care they receive.

An innovative and interactive approach to shared decision–making

Shared decision making is at the core of Orca's approach to improving the health care experience. Uncomplicate scientific evidence by providing simple illustrations of treatment risks and benefits.

Complete the positive feedback loop

Collect patient feedback in realtime and use your custom Orca MD dashboard to strategically assess patient reported outcomes, satisfaction and engagement data.

  1. Available on iOS

    Download Orca MD from the App Store now. Also available on Android and Windows.

    Available on Android

    Download Orca MD from Google Play now. Also available on iOS and Windows.

    Available on Windows

    Download Orca MD from the Windows Store now. Also available on iOS and Android.

    Available on all platforms

    You can download Orca MD from the iOS App Store today. Also available on Windows.

  2. Secure

    HIPAA compliant, end-to-end encryption, detailed audit logging, and access controls.